Friendship Day Ideas n Plans To Make It a Special Day

As all of us are eagerly waiting for the first Sunday of August. Do you have any plan to celebrate the occasion? or you are searching “how to celebrate friendship day?”. I bet you want to do something unique. Let us help you with some marvelous friendship day plans and ideas to make friendship day more memorable for your friends or your partner (girlfriend or boyfriend).

Friendship Day Ideas n Plans To Make It a Special Day

Friendship Day Ideas and Plans 

Go through these friendship day ideas or plans and try to make this friendship day more special and memorable moment for yourself and your friends.

The friendship day plans we are sharing with you are some for in advance and some do it late . The day come once a year so don’t let any moment to wish your friend(s). Celebrate and make your friends feel more special and feel different for your friendship.

So here are the plans and ideas for friendship day to celebrate and make your day more joyful.

  1. Celebrating together is the best idea to strengthen your friendship bond . If you are lucky enough to arrange some place either at home our any resort, freak out with friends with some junk food , popcorn , chocolate , beer (if you are old enough ) with crazy beats. Invite your close buddies and enjoy the day with them . Well , try to cook yourself with some special recipes. Go through FestCHACHA food recipes for some suggestions.
  2. You can also plan to hangout at a new place where you have never visited. Go there with friends and indulge with some activities like billiards, bowling etc.
  3. If you are busy enough during the day, then you can go for a nice well-managed dinner with your friends at night and have fun. There are many restaurants and bars throwing a party on the eve.
  4. You can also gift a nice friendship day greeting card, telling them how much you appreciate their friendship. Try to explode your heart feeling in a funny way though this is the right time to share.
    You can check:
    Buy a friendship day card online
  5. If you  can not meet your friends then you can make a call to every one of your friends and send them greeting card to make them remember how much special they are for you.
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    Happy Friendship Day SMS and Messages in English and Hindi
  6. You can also make a common Friendship Day card and send it to everyone via email or update it on their Facebook profile.
    You can check:
    Happy Friendship Day Cards to Wish Your Friends
  7. Photoshop a friendship poster with picture of  you and your friend(s) by using your and your friend(s) name and photo. Send it through any medium or give it in form of greeting or frame. Anyway you can make your friend feel special.
    You can buy a photo frame here.
  8. Buy a friendship day bracelets or bands. Who can forget the tradition of bracelets and bands. This is the best thing you can gift to your friend on friendship day. 
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    21 Awesome Men’s n Women’s Friendship Bracelets n Bands
  9. Click a group photo of your friends and add then add bunny ears or try any other thing to make their faces funny. Share it with your friends and have fun.
  10. Send special friendship day wishes or post it in all social networking sites.
  11. If you are good in writing then you can write poems or shayari for friends. Show your talent and do the magic.
  12. Gift the his/ her favorite dress on this day. It is not necessary, you can gift your pal anything you would like to.
    You can also read: FestCHACHA Gift talisman to choose a gift for your friend.
  13. Build a personal page with friendship theme, containing your group photos and earlier enjoyable moments. Share it with your best buddies.
  14. Do not forget to hug your best friend. If you shall spend time with your girlfriend/ boy friend then bingo.
  15. Make call to those friends whom you had not spoken through ages.
  16. Dedicate a song to your friend via radio station. Something special and unique, isn’t it?
  17. Make a friendship day craft, collage or something like that and gift it to your friend.

Ahh! I think the list can go on. But it seems that these many suggestion on friendship day ideas and friends day plans for you are enough. If you want more suggestions from us or you have some ideas and plans than do share with us. May be those friendship day ideas can help somebody. Thank you!

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